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Rietveld Foundation

We believe that knowledge should be shared and with the Rietveld foundation we are honored to be able to share our knowledge with organizations that could use a little extra help. For this reason we collaborate with several organizations to stimulate agriculture and an economic mindset in Uganda. Our goal is to create a long-term economic stability.

Thus, we do not invest in adhoc solutions. Instead, we believe that with our vision and strategy we can work on the development of stable incomes and hence the decreasement of poverty. With our collaborations we are proud to invest in several agricultural projects, such as the Kumi Hospital AgroPark. This project aimes to fight one of the biggest health issues, namely malnutrition. As we are a foundation, we emphasize that we do not have a profit objective. 

The foundation

Since we feel grateful for our rich background in the West and the education that we can enjoy, we at Rietveld see it as our moral obligation to  look after the less fortunate by working on long-term improvements.

The origins

The foundation finds its origins in the fact that Rietveld was approached by an Non Government Organization (NGO) concerning a financial donation. The fact that this business donation was expected annually, but Rietveld had no say in the projects to invest in, inspired the realization of the Rietveld Foundation. This foundation was set up with the notion that projects could have a more commercial mindset.

The principles

The Rietveld foundation supports promising initiatives that increase self-reliance. For this reason, education is one of the key drivers for our projects. After all, education stimulates knowledge increasement. Following this, we believe that it is one of the key principles to create stronger communities and to increase long-term economic stability.  Thus, through sharing knowledge, we aim to increase self-reliance.


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