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Rietveld Foundation

Rietveld Foundation supports promising initiatives that increase self-reliance. With education as a starting point, people learn to stand on their own two feet. This allows people to contribute to a stronger community themselves.

Knowledge is there to be shared
At Rietveld Foundation we believe that we can use our knowledge to contribute to the development of people and companies that need a helping hand. No ad hoc solutions, but with vision and strategy to combat poverty, encourage education and develop a stable livelihood.

Why Uganda? In collaboration with Woord en Daad and Van Dorp Foundation, the idea arose to support projects in a commercial way. Woord en Daad already had connections in Uganda and that is how we came into contact with the development backlog in this country.

Because Uganda has been ravaged for years by dictatorship, civil war and terror, reconstruction of this country is necessary. We were touched by this and saw opportunities. We therefore work with others to stimulate agriculture and the economy in Uganda with the aim of generating prosperity. A large project that we are committed to is the Kumi Hospital AgroPark. This project consists of a hospital (Kumi Hospital) with associated farm (AgroPark).

Our goal is to revitalize the mixed farming business so that the entire environment will benefit from capital goods, knowledge, employment, infrastructure and education. In addition to self-reliance and stability based on a sustainable vision, we want to combat malnutrition; one of the biggest causes of health problems.

ANBI quality mark
Rietveld Foundation is an officially registered foundation and has an ANBI status since 2017, which makes us a recognized charity for the Dutch tax authorities. This means that companies can declare their donations. The foundation operates virtually without overhead costs. Every cent of the contributions received by the foundation is fully invested in the projects. In addition to the Dutch registration, we are now (in 2021) an official foundation in Uganda. The name over there is Rietveld Foundation Uganda Ltd. Registration number: 4419, PO Box 9, Kumi.


Core Values

Sustainability & Responsibility
Creating employment opportunities
Sharing knowledge & skills
Working together on the future
Motivation & Inspiration
Connecting & Charity


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