Various forms of donation and fundraising
The Rietveld Foundation is dependent on donations that are often made by companies within the Rietveld Group. We strive to expand this and generate more capacity.

Uganda Rally
Our first VIP Uganda Rally is on the agenda in November 2021. A fun way to raise money for Kumi Hospital Agro Park. Read more about it in our projects.

If we want to use extra funds for certain projects and / or facilities to promote and stimulate self-reliance, we will do our best to attract equity funds and other forms of micro-credit or subsidization to provide support for the project in question.

ANBI quality mark
Rietveld Foundation is an officially registered foundation and has an ANBI status since 2017, which makes us a recognized charity for the Dutch tax authorities. This means that companies can declare their donations. The foundation operates virtually without overhead costs. Every cent of the contributions received by the foundation is fully invested in the projects.

Get involved – together we can do so much more!

You are cordially invited to contribute. Have you become motivated by our passion to put Uganda on the map and do you also like to support the Ugandan population?

Participate and donate your contribution:

Stichting Rietveld Foundation
P.G. Rietveld
NL84RABO 0323 3607 50

Feel free to share our mission with your own network, friends and acquaintances and expand the KHAP family with us.

Many thanks on behalf of all those involved in the Kumi Hospital Agro Park project!

Below are a number of sponsors who regularly assist us with all our projects, by contributing in knowledge, skills, ideas, time and donations:


T: +31 (0) 184 65 29 10