Mission, Vision & Strategy

Mission, Vision & Strategy
A few years ago, Rietveld B.V. was approached for money donation by an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). The aid organization expected a substantial business contribution every year and would spend this money where it was thought necessary. Pleun Rietveld did not agree with this and thought it could be done differently and more commercially. Simply donating money didn’t feel valuable enough without a solid plan of action.

“Considering that our cradle stood in the wealthy West and we are blessed with good education, I feel that from the abundance we live in, we have a moral obligation to look after those who do not have it.” – said Pleun Rietveld, owner of the Rietveld Group.

This resulted in the establishment of its own foundation with its own mission, vision and strategy: Rietveld Foundation.

What do we stand for? Developing and supporting sustainable employment projects to promote self-reliance, responsibility and stability. So that self-esteem and respect for people, animals and planet can grow from within.

What are we aiming for? We want to share and transfer knowledge and skills through enthusiasm and motivation, so that everyone can develop and use their talents to contribute to a stronger community.

How do we do that? Specifically, we are working on the project “Kumi Hospital AgroPark” with funding, know-how and on-site education in various areas. Agriculture, livestock, milk & dairy, a bakery, a training school where technical knowledge is being taught and there are plans to set up a garage service point. We also support a primary school in the area and of course the Kumi Hospital, as in the past, benefits from the revenues of the farm.

E: info@rietveld.nl

T: +31 (0) 184 65 29 10