The Rietveld Foundation is an officially registered foundation. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in South-Holland under number 69540683. The foundation has received an ANBI statement from the tax authorities.

In addition to the Dutch registration, we are now (in 2021) an official foundation in Uganda. The name over there is Rietveld Foundation Uganda Ltd. Registration number: 4419, PO Box 9, Kumi. This gives us advantages on many fronts. With import and export actions, for example, but also fundraising internationally and we put ourselves on the map professionally.

The board of the Rietveld Foundation consists of 5 people. Every board member conforms to the foundation for at least 1 year. The board members commit themselves on a voluntary basis and will not receive any financial reward for this. They introduce themselves here below.

Pleun Rietveld
“The foundation originates from the fact that we were approached by an NGO about a financial donation. The fact that this business donation was expected annually, but Rietveld had no control over the projects to invest in, inspired the realization of the Rietveld Foundation. With a more commercial mindset, we want to support promising initiatives that increase self-reliance. ”

Kees Harrewijn
“I am on the board of the Rietveld Foundation because I support the mission that is being propagated.”

Jan-Willem Hijmering
“We can close our eyes to the world around us and immerse ourselves in our own prosperity. However, the reality is different and I think we should look after our fellow humans. And in my opinion ‘looking after’ is not simply a sum of money. Sharing knowledge and skills and other practical matters with a self-reliant approach have much more effect. ”

Jan Rietveld
“I am a crane operator and work for De Kuiper Infrabouw. I am involved in the club as a loader of containers that go to Africa. In this way I became interested and have been contributing ever since.”

Sanne Rietveld
“Why am I involved in the board? To be honest, I was asked by my father who founded the Rietveld Foundation and I was willing to participate. The whole project that is being set up in Uganda is of course great. My preference lies with the children. I work in the education field myself and I see how important it is every day. In addition to reading, writing and all other subjects, social behavior, working together, doing together etc. are also of great importance for the general development. ”

The Rietveld Foundation does not employ any personnel. The activities that the foundation develops depend entirely on the efforts of volunteers and / or payments sponsored by third parties. This ensures that overhead costs are minimal.

Sponsored Staff
There are currently Dutch people working in Uganda for the Kumi Hospital Agro Park project. These people put their heart and soul into teaching the local population the tricks of the trade. They are paid from sponsorship from several private companies. They introduce themselves here below.

Sikko Eisma
“My motivation to work on the KHAP project here in Uganda is, through my experiences in life, deeply rooted in my heart. From a vision of life that goes further than just ‘helping poor people’, it is much more about experiencing beauty in simplicity. In sharing God-given talents. By connecting with myself and the people around me. From the Frisian clay via river clay in France, desert sand in Egypt and Senegal, swamp soil in Mozambique, I now stand with bare feet on the Ugandan ‘red soil’ … ”

Sjaak Meertens
“I have been associated with UIC and KHAP with the assignment to set up a garage since November 2019. I also take care of the maintenance and repairs of the farm’s equipment. My experience in technical management (shipbuilding and machine construction), work experience in South Africa and Ethiopia and as a physics teacher at a lyceum, comes in handy here. My motivation for working here is the opportunity to really contribute to the development of society here, the relaxed lifestyle and the opportunity, in a different way than in the Netherlands, to acquire life wisdom. I hasten to say that I absolutely do not romanticize all of this: here too there are boring activities, meaningless days etc. But after all, I hope to make a contribution to the success of the various projects. ”

Jonathan van Schoonhoven
“I have been living and working in Uganda since 2018 and I am volutarily involved with the Rietveld Foundation. The philosophy of the foundation to help the local population in a commercial way appeals to me enormously. By supporting and setting up various companies, a lot of employment has been created, which I personally find very important. Because of my experience in Uganda and the knowledge and contacts I have gained here, I am happy that I can support the Rietveld Foundation where necessary. ”

Annual report
An annual report is drawn up every year in collaboration with an accredited accountant who audits the annual accounts. The annual reports of the Rietveld Foundation are available on request from the board.




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