Currently, the main project that the Rietveld Foundation supports is the Kumi Hospital Agro Park, which is located in the North-east of Uganda.

This is an ambitious long-term project and is set for a period of 15 years. This project revolves around a hospital and a Park for long-term food supplies. The Agro Park specializes in several forms of food production, such as cattle breeding, agriculture and growing vegetables.

The revenues from the Agro Park are used to cover part of the budget that is required to keep the Kumi Hospital operational.

Next to this main project, several smaller projects are supported by the Rietveld foundation. One of our succesfull projects for instance revolved around setting up a Bakery next to the Kumi Hospital. This Bakery has now become self-reliant.

Please read about our projects in depth on their specific webpages.