‘Adesso School’

Millions of children still don’t have the opportunity to attend school in development countries due to a lack of finances and the fact that they often need to help out in household activities or contribute to the family income. Additionally, the quality of education is generally low. Education, however, is an important remedy for child labor and the development of a better future for these children and their country.

In short “there is a lack of possibilities for good education and therefore less opportunities to get ahead”.

For this reason we believe that education plays a central role regarding the long-term development of current realities that the children in these countries face.

Therefore, we invest in the ‘Adesso Primary School’. This school is part of the grounds on which the Kumi Hospital stands. Even though the salaries are paid for by the government, this school is relatively poor and faces many other challenges. First of all, there are not enough teachers. Second, there is not enough space resulting in the situation that too many students are in one class (up to 150 children per class and more). Thirdly, there is hardly any study material.¬†Even the smallest investments, such as pens, can make an enormous impact to the children of this school.

Unfortunately our help is not enough. That is why we would greatly appreciate your support to create better circumstances for this school!