Kamaca Primary School

In developing countries millions of children are not yet attending school. This is also a problem in Uganda. There is no money and children are often kept at home to help with the household or to contribute to the family income. Education is an important tool in the fight against child labor and for a better future in the country. There is still much to improve in the quality of education.

A primary school is located just outside Kumi; Kamaca Primary School.

It is the poorest school in the region with minimum government support. They consist of “labor of love” and parents who pay some school fees. There are insufficient teachers, too little space, too many students per class (sometimes more than 150 children in one classroom) and there is hardly any teaching material.

What mainly came to our attention was that children
were sent to school without food
or stayed away from school because of that.

A day at school on an empty stomach does not promote concentration, so we decided to give every child that comes to school a cup of porridge. This started with 3 days a week and has recently expanded to 5 days a week. The school is extremely happy with this development.

Children are now coming to school in large numbers much more frequently and are looking forward to the cup of porridge they are given. A good motivation to end up in school.

A primary school is also located on the grounds of Kumi Hospital Agro Park; ‘Adesso Primary School’.
Although also here the government pays the salaries, it is a poor school and faces the same problems.

Due to these circumstances we want to support both schools and we need your help!
For these children, the ‘smallest’ supplies such as a pen, a table and a chair make a world of difference.

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