Training school

The training school project mainly consists of sharing time, knowledge & skills. This can be on many fronts. On the basis of temporary and long-term deployment, people work with heart and soul on site to make the Kumi Hospital AgroPark project a success.

For example, Ouke and Hanneke Dijkstra kept the farm running for 4 years, started up the bakery and transferred as much knowledge as possible to the local population.

The farm is currently managed by Sikko Seisma, a down-to-earth Frisian farmer, who uses all his knowledge and skills to teach employees the tricks of the trade on site.

In the run-up to setting up a Garage Service Point, partly made possible by Nissan, we will start with a training experience. For this purpose Sjaak Meertens traveled to Uganda for an indefinite period. Sjaak is both a qualified physics teacher and mechanical engineer with work experience in technology and project management in South Africa and Ethiopia.

His focus, in addition to his organizational and administrative work for the entire project, is on starting and managing a car garage, where he trains (young) Ugandans in technical and organizational skills, as well as in creating awareness in environmentally responsible (technical / chemical ) waste disposal.


T: +31 (0) 184 65 29 10