Yoghurt Factory

Part of the milk produced is used for the production of yoghurt. Yogurt sells well and is less prone to spoilage. The sales employee rides around on a bicycle and a motorcycle with an insulation box. Yogurt customers are currently all individuals.

Sales units are 200 ml bags, priced at 500 Sh. and 400 ml at 1000 Sh. The liter selling price of yogurt is 2500 Sh. and this is twice the retail price of unprocessed milk. There is no branding, which hampers sales to supermarkets and small shops. The milk is heated and then transported to the bakery for further processing by adding culture and sugar, let it work for a while and then pack it in plastic bags.

To improve quality control and reduce the amount of tainted yogurt, we plan to build a yogurt factory with all the tools needed to accurately measure the culture. In the building that is to be built, we will merge the bakery with the yoghurt factory under one roof. See the video below. Our goal is to be more efficient in our production and packaging and thereby increase our sales to the local population, at supermarkets and small shops.

Donations for this project are more than welcome.

Impression of the Yoghurt Factory including bakery

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